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Stolen Knight is here!

I'm beyond thrilled to announced that Stolen Knight (Knights of Kilbourne 4) is now available for purchase. Yes, I know it's been a long time coming. Just assume I'm on a two-year cycle to get a new book out, and we'll be pretty close. You can figure Book 5 will be along some time in 2024... But in the meantime, Stolen Knight!!!

This book seriously took me to some very unexpected places (like exotic Parthane, and back to Ervantium, the kingdom of the dragons). And there were an awful lot of surprises that I had never seen coming. As many of my loyal readers know, I have no idea where the story is going to take me--I just let my characters tell me the story, and try to clean it up as best I can to make it readable.

Well, except for the very last chapter. That was the one I worked towards the entire time. The ending was one of my brainstorm-while-cutting-the-grass moments, and I knew it was exactly the way the story needed to end. I just had to figure out how get there, from the very beginning (which essentially takes up where Enchanted Knight left off), and navigate out all the twists and turns that would eventually allow that particular scene. to close out the book.

So... if you a fan, I hope you'll pick up a digital copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Champagne Books, or your favorite e-book retailer, or order a signed paperback copy through my website, or grab one in person at one of the events I'll be at this year (see News and Events for details). By the way, If you're new to Kilbourne, I highly encourage you to read the previous books, in order, first. Otherwise, things might get a bit confusing...

Thanks to everyone who's had such a great response to my stories. I tell 'em for you, and I'll continue to tell them for as long as my characters keep whispering these tales into my ear.

Dragons Ho!



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