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Book Five Is One Step Closer to Reality

On May 5th, I turned in the manuscript for Fateful Knight to my publisher, Champagne Book Group. I'll have a new editor for this outing, since Nikki Andrews, who guided the previous volumes through the editing process, had the unmitigated nerve to retire. Hopefully the book will resonate with New Editor as much as the others have with Nikki.

That being said, I'm hopeful that Fateful Knight will be released sometime this fall. However, the wheels of the publishing industry grind slowly, so time will no doubt tell the tale there.

In the meantime, I'll be working on completing some short stories for Tales From the Sword and Crown, a companion volume to the Kilbourne novels, which will have lots of fun offerings, including the story of how Morgan's parents, Martin McRobbie and Sybiline Farzibe, met courtesy of a particularly pestilential pack of pirates; Morgan serving as a cabin boy on his father's ship; a peek into the courtship of Sir Byron and Lady Clarisse; and a couple of tales featuring Captain Jenks of the Watch; and Toniq, the thief who makes an appearance in Stolen Knight. Plus a whole host of other stories that were either inspired by parts of the novels, or were bits that were cut but were too good to just let go.

In addition, I may even get a bit of a head start on Book Six--because yes, there will indeed be a sixth outing for Morgan, Marissa, and their friends and enemies. I'm thinking of calling this one Misty Knight.

That's it for now. Dragons Ho!


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