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Autographed Paperbacks

Please be sure to let me know to whom you'd like your book(s) inscribed

Traitor Knight_Final ebook.jpg

$14.99 Plus shipping & tax

Desperate Knight_Final cover ebook .jpg

$14.99 Plus shipping & tax

Enchanted Knight_Cover - Final 03.02.20.
$15.99 + tax & shipping
Stolen Knight_frontcover 02.29.22.jpg
$15.99 + tax and shipping

            Special First Editions

Complete your collection with the out of print first edition copies of Traitor Knight and Desperate Knight! Only $10 each, including tax (shipping extra).


Traitor Knight - First Edition.jpg

Draconic Merchandise

Inscribe your missives in style with this beautiful dragon pen.  

Blue Dragon Ball Point Pen 
(Arthur Pen-Dragon)
$10.00 each plus tax & shipping

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock

Not sure what to get? Get a custom gift card instead. 

Dragon Gift Card.jpg
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