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Knights and Pirates and Dragons, oh my...

I just received the final cover artwork for Enchanted Knight, and I'm over the moon! The artist gave me everything I asked for, even down to the cat lurking in the bottom right corner.

Here's the back cover blurb:

A storm is coming, borne on the wings of prophecy, and Morgan and Marissa stand squarely in the path of the tempest.

They should be preparing to celebrate a joyous wedding. Instead, Marissa struggles to master her newfound powers, while Morgan becomes enmeshed in an unwelcome alliance to repay a debt of honor.

As multiple cryptic prophecies unfold, the indomitable pair find themselves facing power- hungry wizards, treasure-hunting pirates, a wrangle of dragons, and an enigmatic woman driven by forbidden magic and revenge.

When Morgan vanishes under suspicious circumstances and Marissa’s power unexpectedly falters, the lines between enemies and allies swirl and blur like deadly Thundermist. With threats closing in from all quarters, Marissa’s only hope to save her enchanted knight lies in taming the wild magic she never wanted.

Release is scheduled for April 13th, 2020. But you can preorder your ebook copy now, by heading over to


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