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It's Over!!!

Just this past Saturday I typed "The End" to my latest book, Enchanted Knight. As you know if you've been following my journey for any length of time, I've been working on this story for almost two years, since Desperate Knight was released in August 2017.  This third entry in the Knights of Kilbourne series features pirates on the Thundermist Sea. It has a major subplot for Wyvrndell, and introduces many more dragons. It gives Capt. Aartis Poldane a chance to shine. And, of course, it's a continuation of the love story of Morgan McRobbie and Marissa duBerry--without whom there would be no Knights of Kilbourne...

To give you a glimpse into how the process goes from this point:

A hard copy of the manuscript has been handed off to my perspicacious proofreader (i.e. Patty, my loving and supportive wife, biggest cheerleader and severest critic). Armed with a fine-tooth comb and a red pen (well, actually, in this case it will most likely be purple...) she will proceed to rip the manuscript to shreds and have me re-write large chunks of it. 

After several rounds of this, the revised manuscript (made significantly better) will be sent to my publisher, Champagne Books, for approval and acceptance. Once Champagne accepts the manuscript, it will be sent off to my wonderful editor, Nikki Andrews, who will once again send me revisions that make me a better writer and Enchanted Knight a much better book.

I'll make changes, submit those changes to Nikki, and we'll (finally) get an almost-completed manuscript. Then it will go to a copy editor, who will review the book line by line for spelling, punctuation and technical errors. 

Finally, I'll get an Advance Reading Copy to review. This is the formatted, ready to roll version that both Patty and I will read and check for any last minute errors we see that  need to be fixed. Once those are corrected, the book will be ready for release.

And Champagne Books has indicated a release date in early November.

So hang in there, readers. As you can see, there's a lot to do between "The End" and an actual book, to give you the best story I can tell along with a high quality book. 

I appreciate so much all the encouragement I've gotten from readers who are eager to get their hands on the next installment of Morgan and Marissa's story. I can't wait to share it with you. And to get to work on book four in this series.



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