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Got Ya Covered

My publisher, Champagne Books, is re-releasing the first two books in the Knights of Kilbourne series with new covers. This came about partially because the paperback edition of Traitor Knight was the "wrong" size--5.5" x 8.5" instead of the more standard 6.0" x 9.0 inches which would allow brick and mortar stores (looking at you, Barnes and Noble) to sell it. And also because they had a terrific new artist on board who had a great vision for the cover of Enchanted Knight, and CBG wanted to make the covers appear cohesive for the series.

That being said, take a gander at the new covers:

Let me know what you think of these. You can reach out at to weigh in with your opinion.

Also, there's this. I just got a peek at the (draft) artwork for the cover of Enchanted Knight. I can't show it off now, because it hasn't been finalized yet. But it's got all the elements I asked for, and I can't wait to let everyone see it.

Also, there's a definite release date for Enchanted Knight. The publisher has slated it to drop on April 13, 2020. So prepare yourselves for magic, mayhem, and mirth in abundance. Plus all the dragons you (and Wyvrndell) can handle.


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