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Faire Game...

Well met, friends. I'm just back from the wonderful Maine Renaissance Faire, where over 14,000 people swarmed the gates over the course of two weekends. The Acton Fairegrounds were flooded on both Sundays, but that didn't diminish anyone's excitement at being out and about again. The pandemic has gotten most of us to the point where we just want to be able to go somewhere, anywhere, and have fun. And the Maine RenFaire was the occasion.

As is my custom, I stood in front of my booth, hailing passers-by and introducing them to the fun, fast fantasy that is the Knights of Kilbourne series of novels. My powers of persuasion must have been on overdrive, because I managed to sell 244 copies of my books, across all three titles. The most, of course, was the first book, Traitor Knight, as more people are willing to take a chance on the first book in a series, to see if they like it. However, a good number of patrons invested in the entire three-book series, scoring a classy "Saving The World" backpack in which to transport their books (and keep them dry).

To all the folks who so graciously purchased my books, I offer a hearty "Thank you!!!!" And to those special folks who, having purchased Traitor Knight at the 2019 faire, came back for more, a double helping of thanks. Getting repeat customers is such a lovely feeling of validation for the work that I put into writing my books.

Next up: The New York Capital District Renaissance Festival, at Indian Ladder Farm in Altamont, NY (just south of Albany). This is my "home" faire (just a short drive away) and the first one I ever vended at. I'm really looking forward to seeing lots of old friends, and introducing new friends to Kilbourne. If you're in driving distance of Albany, I heartily encourage you to come out during the weekend of August 14th-15th and join the fun and festivities. See the shows (including the ever-popular jousting), taste the food, and browse the artisans' wares. More info here .

Finally, the following weekend, I'll be in Holland Patent, NY (near Rome, NY) for Mayfaire on the Green. This is a new festival for me, and I'm eager to see how it goes.



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