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An Abundance of Authors

"Abundance" is the collective term for a group of authors, right? If not, it should be. And that's just what you'll find at the 3rd annual Albany Book Festival for the next two weeks.

Normally held on the second Saturday of September, the #virtualalbanybookfestival has gone on-line this year, and runs for two weeks instead of just one jam-packed day. There will be presentations from world-renowned authors, including Noam Chomsky, Edwidge Danticat, Harold Holzer, and Gish Jen. There will be free workshops for writers (or those interested in the writing/publishing process). And there will be virtual offerings from local (NY Capital District) authors, myself included).

I'm thrilled that my adopted hometown (I've lived in the Albany area longer than I've settled anywhere else, so I guess it qualifies) loves books and writers so much that they put on this amazing festival every year, and that I get to be a part of it. I hope you'll check out the various offerings, and head to my website to hear a reading from my recently released third novel, Enchanted Knight.


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