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Overdue Book Review


By Ivy Keating and Scot Spotson

Ivy Keating and her collaborator, Scot Spotson, have put together a crackerjack thriller combining police procedural, biology, anthropology, and herpetology, along with a dash of romance to leaven the tension generated in Camouflage.

When newly appointed police chief Sean Dermott gets involved in a missing persons case, he discovers a fiercesome creature living in a nearby primeval forest. Is it a monster? A long-lost dinosaur? Whatever it is, it attacks Sean’s friend Ethan, a state police detective, seriously injuring him, and setting in motion a thrill-ride reminiscent of the works of Michael Crichton. A diverse team of scientists is called in to locate and identify the creature; the antagonistic head of the State Police, who has a major grudge against Sean, is determined to destroy the creature and wreck Sean’s career in the process. And a gorgeous local business owner (and the person who sets the whole story in motion) provides a romantic distraction for an emotionally scarred Chief Dermott.

Camouflage is well researched and well written, with engaging characters, taut action scenes, and excellent science. When an attempt to capture the creature goes sour and leads to mayhem, we can feel both Sean’s anguish at the chaos and cheer his determination to help save an anthropological treasure, even if it means sacrificing his career.

My only issue with Camouflage was the large cast and shifting points of view. I sometimes had to stop to realize who the story was following (close third person POV), which threw me out of the story momentarily. However, as I tend to do the exact same thing myself, I can’t really quibble on this one.

I’m not going to get into spoiler territory, so I leave it there. But rest assured, if you enjoy a good thriller with a healthy dose of well-done science, characters you can root for, and a bit of romance on the side, Camouflage will provide your “creature” comforts.

You can grab a digital copy here. And you can check out Ivy Keating’s website for more info about her and her other work here.

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