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Overdue Book Review--Yule Be Sorry

Having just recently finished reading (and reviewing) Baking Bad, Kim M. Watt’s delicious cozy mystery-with-dragons-and-cake, I seriously couldn’t wait to crack open the next installment in her latest romp, Yule Be Sorry. This is a Christmas cozy with all the trimmings.

More cakes. More crime. More chaos. And lots more dragons. The ladies of the Toot Hansell W.I. are back, selling dragon-made magical baubles for Christmas. A spate of missing postmen and packages threatens to derail all their plans to provide additional barbeques and blankets for the Cloverly dragons. A revolt is fomenting among the dragons, threatening Beaufort’s role as High Lord and his plans to drag his clan, albeit grumbling and snorting, into the 21st century. And Detective Inspector Adams is back, hoping the dames and dragons keep far away from her investigations this time. Alas, the hijacked mail vans all have scorch marks and scratches seemingly made by…dragons? This doesn’t bode well, and neither does the suspicious interest of DI Colin Collins, who just happens to be Miriam’s nephew.

Ms. Watt continues to provide a lovely balance of cozy mystery, slapstick farce, and fantasy, and it all works brilliantly. In this installment we get to delve more deeply into the inner workings of the Cloverly clan, and are treated to some deep draconic philosophy and fractious politics. With DI Adams, Alice and Miriam, and Beaufort Scales and Mortimer all galumphing about trying to both protect the secret of the dragons and discover the identity of the miscreants, mayhem is strewn high, wide, and handsome.

And we mustn’t forget about that ubiquitous feline, whose alliances and motives are definitely in question. Ah, sweet mystery of…well, I won’t spoil it.

If you enjoy cakes, mince pies, dragons, explosions, midnight chases, moonlight battles, and rollicking fun, yule be sorry if you don’t snatch up and read this book right now. You can grab it here.

You can also find Kim M. Watt's website here. She has some way cool stories to share.

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