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Desperate Knight - Paperback Release

For all of you who've been holding out for the book-you-can-hold-in-your-hand edition of Desperate Knight, the wait is over. Today is Release Day for the Desperate Knight paperback.

Where can I get hold of this little beauty, you may wonder? I'm here to tell you.

First off, you can get it directly from the author (i.e. moi). Simply send me an email ( with your name, address, and how you'd like the book inscribed, and I'll invoice you via paypal. The cost is $14.95 (cover price of the book) plus NYS sales tax $1.05 and $2.00 to cover shipping, for a grand total of $18.00.

Or, you can get it from my publisher, Champagne Books --just click here

And just a note here on how the publishing world actually works. Authors receive a much higher percentage of royalty on sales direct from the publisher. The 'Zon skims off a lot before the author ever sees their percentage. So if you really want to support your favorite indie authors, buy direct from the publisher or the author.

Or, of course, you'll also be able get it from Amazon (although it's not up on their site quite yet). I know a lot of you go this route because it's quick, it's easy, you have an account set up, you save on shipping because you have Prime. But, please see above...

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