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A Fine Romance...

It's official! Traitor Knight has been recognized by Critters Workshop/Preditors & Editors Readers Poll ( as the Best Romance Novel of 2016!

My erstwhile publisher, Champagne Books, was gracious enough to enter Traitor Knight in the contest. I admit to being a bit surprised when I learned they submitted it in the Romance category, but they have been marketing the book as Fantasy/Romance. And much of what drives the story is the on-again-off-again romance between Morgan and Marissa. It's a relationship neither of them wants and neither can seem to resist, despite the pitfalls facing them.

Traitor Knight was up against some fierce competition in this contest, and I really can't believe we won. And what did we win, you may ask? Well, see that nice little e-plaque above? That's it... This was purely for bragging rights, status, and the ability to publicize the book a little bit more as an award-winning novel. It's okay, though--that extra publicity is a key factor in garnering more readers, more reviews, and ultimately (dare I even whisper it?) more sales. The hardest thing for a new author is getting people to notice their work, and this is a huge help in doing so.

So my sincere thanks to anyone and everyone who voted for Traitor Knight in this contest. Friends, relatives, co-workers, friends of friends, co-workers of relatives--you all know who you are, even if I don't always. But your support means so much in this journey. Thanks, and may your skies be filled with dragons.


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