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Awen Storm is a win for urban fantasy fans

Awen Storm, the second installment of O.J. Barre’s pre-apocalyptic Awen Trilogy picks up right from the ending of Awen Rising, and carried me right along like a rushing river, deeper into the intricately crafted world Ms. Barre has developed. This is a very complex, urban-fantasy storyline, primarily dealing with the modern descendants of Druid myth, combined with a reptilian “underworld” intent on conquering “Upper Earth”.

Ms. Barre keeps the tension and excitement ratcheted up to a high level, as Emily Hester, the Awen-in-training, learns to manage her Druid powers while navigating challenge after challenge. And at last we are introduced to the “keepers”, ancient beings charged with protecting our world, and with preparing Emily to meet the momentous tests sure to be coming her way.

My one quibble was in trying to keep track of the large number of characters in the cast, each with their own subplot. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the ongoing story, and am looking forward to the finale, in Awen Tide, to see how Ms. Barre wraps up the multiplicity of plot threads developed in the first two books. Awen Storm is a win for urban fantasy fans, with excitement, adventure, fascinating myth and world development, and a bit of romance.


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