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Okay, sorry, sorry... It's been a while since I've posted anything on the blog. But in my defense, I've been kinda busy.

My Valentine's Day was marred by my doc's announcement that I had Influenza A. So did my wife. The family that sniffles together... well, I don't even know where to go with that one. I was freezing, she was burning up, and life was pretty ugly for a couple of weeks.

Then I had to get busy working on this year's tour schedule for Knight Out On The Town. You can see all the events I have planned from now until the end of the year (13 of 'em as of today's count) over on the News & Events page of my website (​).

Plus, I've been super busy working on a presentation I've been asked to do. I was recruited by another member of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild to come to a local high school and speak to five 10th grade English classes whose students are interested in writing. My presentation is on "Ideas and What To Do With Them"--the writer's spectrum, from inspiration to translation to execution to editing. I think I've put together a pretty good presentation, complete with PowerPoint slide illustrations showing quotes from famous authors along with Snoopy As Novelist cartoons. I've been practicing my delivery, and the balloon goes up on this coming Monday, April 9th, for two days. I'm a bit nervous, as I've never done something like this before, but I'm also quite excited about it and hope it goes off well.

In addition, I've been helping my wife Patty get ready to retire. After twenty years spent in school libraries (as the administrative person who actually gets all the work required to maintain the library and keep it operating smoothly done) she will down tools on Friday, April 13th. I'm planning a celebratory party for her the next day, with lots of friends dropping by to wish her well as she embarks on a new chapter of life.

And finally, I've been trying to work out the story for Enchanted Knight (Book 3 of the Knights of Kilbourne). It's been slow going, but I've just had an epiphany in the last few days that I think is going to provide me with a new approach to some issues that had been preventing me from completing the book. I'm hopeful that with this new plot line I'll be able to bring you the next (final?) chapter in the fraught courtship of Morgan and Marissa.

Until next time...

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